Our Goals

  • Support the game of cricket for all.
  • Help provide: expertise; guidance; financial assistance for young people to achieve their full potential in cricket.
  • Promote community participation in healthy recreation through cricket and related physical or recreational activity in particular for those with ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.

Activities to achieve this include:

  • Helping promote disability cricket through funding for training, equipment and the organisation of an annual special needs cricket festival.
  • Supporting applications from young, aspiring cricketers seeking assistance with their career development; including help with training, aspects of education, financial support for overseas placements and assistance with equipment.
  • Supporting girls’ and women’s cricket through providing funds for training and equipment.
  • Providing funds for training and equipment for minority groups’ cricket.
  • Arranging activities with both a cricket and non-cricket focus which will engage new audiences.