Projects we have funded:

Emerging Players Programme (EPP)

The charity has donated £5700 to support the Gloucestershire Cricket Board’s (GCB) EPP and an expanded performance programme for boys.

A number of boys, considered to be just below the full EPP set-up, have also benefited from GCT funding by attending specialist training sessions; these have included wicket keeping and spin bowling sessions with Gloucestershire professional Tom Smith.

Disability Programme:

We seek to support those with disabilities who have limited access to sports facilities. Our disability cricket programmes would greatly benefit from additional funding, as we are hoping to further develop our offering to those with Learning Difficulties, Physical Disabilities and those that are visually Impaired by creating programmes including:

  • School Training: Schools receive 2 terms worth of coaching.
  • Schools Competitions. Regular indoor and outdoor interschool competitions.
  • Gifted and Talented. Specific sessions for those with a particular interest and ability in cricket.
  • Community/Day Centre Sessions. Taster sessions and weekly community drop in sessions.
  • Deaf Cricket Programme. Sessions hosted for people either with a hearing impairment or fully deaf, plus 2 national competitions.

We also offer equipment and clothing, including – Lords Taverner’s disability Bags, Balls, Stumps, Coaching Aids as well as clothing to wear to events.

Howzatt for Healthy:

Through the school year at Bristol County Ground, we work to tackle childhood obesity by helping inspire young people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, using cricket as a starting point. During the programme, pupils:

  • Attend a Q&A session with some of the professional Gloucestershire Cricketers.
  • Participate in a cricket coaching session.
  • Cook with the club’s chef, learning how to cook healthy meals
  • Grow their own vegetables in the school garden.

Pupils receive a workbook with recipes to use during the programme, which they can then take home and continue this new skill.